In 2006 Larry DeMonaco Owner of Timber Creek Contracting Inc,. met John Murray on a NWA layover when he tagged along with his girlfriend Christine Baker, a flight attendant going to Omaha on a three day trip for her work.  John Murray was the Captain on that DC9 NWA flight to Omaha. 

Larry, Christine and her crew went to a local pub for dinner that night and was then introduced to John and the crew.  While
chatting over dinner, John learned that Larry
(Christine Baker)    was a licensed builder/contractor working out of Michigan and Arizona, then jokingly asked how would you like to work on a Katrina home in Mississippi?  Larry stated sure. Six days later John called Larry and asked if he was serious and still willing to work on his historic house in Gulfport, MS.

Without hesitation Larry accepted and that's where the friendship started.  Working on the historic home on and off for over three years, with supervision and hands-on work, Larry completed a project that was started in 2005 by several other contractors that could not perform quality workmanship.

Working with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Larry and John worked side by completing the tedious and challenging guide lines enforced by the MDAH so the house could be considered once again an historic home. 

Today the house is like it was back in 1900 when it was built.  Larry says that John is one of his best customers he has ever dealt with on a business and personal level. Larry and John today are still great friends. Because of their friendship, John was Larry's Best Man at his wedding to Christine on 04/20/12.

Larry DeMonaco has over 30 years exp., as a General Contractor.  If you would like to see Larry's work and a lot more photos of this home and other projects you can visit

Timber Creek's website.

Larry DeMonaco Jr.
Timber Creek Contracting Inc.
Arizona, Michigan and Mississippi
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